ZONE 2_Aurora Place Governor Phillip a n d Macquarie Towers

Zone 2 is bounded by Macquarie Street, Bent Street, Young Street and Bridge Street. The block was chosen as an example of the city in which buildings are occupied by both Government and private corporations. I t therefore represents a section of the CBD which is subject to elevated levels of surveillance and security. I t is therefore potentially the least porous zone within the city. Acquiring adequate information to re- document the respective buildings was a great challenge. Field work was also very challenging and required a strategy of urban caemophlage. This took the simple form of a dress code mimicking wealthy beaurocrats or company executives. The strategy worked extremely well. Without a suit it wasn’t even possible to enter the lift lobby without questions in the case of Governor Phillip Tower. In an expensive suit and with my assistant looking like a highly paid executive we were able to pass most checkpoints unquestioned.