FORMATIONS : New Practices in Australian Architecture
Richard Goodwin Pty Ltd works across the disciplines of art, academia and architecture. The practice situates its work at three scales: the gallery (laboratory), architecture and public space, and the city. With a core staff of five architects, Richard Goodwin works with a network of other companies on larger projects.
Richard Goodwin is unique in its commitment to having an art practice and working studio as its nucleus, generating problems to solve rather than waiting for project briefs to be brought to it. The porosity research project, for example, explores the question between public and private space in the city across practice, political and social spectra. Central to this information is a commitment both to generate public space and to the idea that architecture is above all else an art from.
The agency of Richard Goodwin Pty Ltd lies with its capacity to maintain a nimble practice located within larger institutional formations, and motivating them to exhibit internationally through galleries, to create architectures of parasitic attachment, and to generate public space by transforming urban infrastructure.
In Formations, Goodwin proposes one such system of public space generation via a journey through Venice in a water taxi, on foot and completed by a flying fox leap over the canal back to the Australian pavilion. This performance reveals the potential for increased porosity between the public and private domains in Venice, which Goodwin suggests will energise the evolution of the city when compared to the current separation of public (tourist) invasion and hidden (private) occupation.
This revelation can then be built upon in later work, which explores site specific potentials for increasing this porosity, which suggest a transformation of the spatial logic of the city.

Taxi Dermis 03 : Zip line & the Australian Pavilion

TaxiDermis 03 : Placing the Dots on the Decaying Fabric of Venice

TaxiDermis 03 : Placing the Dots on the Decaying Fabric of Venice

TaxiDermis 03 : Details of Model

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